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One year. It’s been one whole year since I received the phone call that turned my life upside down. Those four words that left me speechless…you have breast cancer. After I hung up the phone, Shake It Off by Taylor Swift came on the radio. So it only seemed fitting to start my day off by listening to that song…in the car, turned up really really loud! I’ve been shaking it off this past year and breast cancer hasn’t slowed me down. It tried, but I won. I went to dinner tonight with two strong women who are also survivors. We were diagnosed around the same time of year, but a year apart for all of us. I was celebrating one year, Leigh Anne is two years and Sandie is three years on the other side. Love the friendship that has grown between the three of us.  

 from left…Sandie, Leigh Anne then me. 😊💕

Since my last post, which was forever ago it seems, I’ve been busy living life with my family and friends. I have a new outlook on life and want to soak everything up. My husband, three boys and myself finally got to take our trip to the beach in July. It was a much needed getaway for us. It was nice to not worry about anything for a week and just relax with our toes in the water. We had a great time and can’t wait to go back.  

 On our balcony…me and my guys. My world. 💙💙❤️💙💙

I’ve spent a huge amount of time watching my boys in various sports. Nicholas played travel baseball all summer, as did Owen. Bryce played some soccer. Nicholas also played on a fall baseball team which is wrapping up this weekend. I’m so thankful I didn’t have to miss out on watching them play. 

Last Saturday, Purdue played in their annual Hammer Down Cancer game. As a survivor, my family and I got to be on the field before the game to welcome the team onto the field. It was so much fun!  

I was asked to be part of a fundraising gala put on by Saks Fifth Avenue to benefit St. Vincent cancer care. It’s called Key to the Cure and what a fun time I had! I will be featured in a video promo that will be shown at the gala. I felt like a movie star…there was a hair and makeup gal who made me camera ready. There were all these cameras, lights and mics around me. The video will show me, along with other cancer patients, sharing our wish with the audience. After we all share our wishes, the ultimate wish is no more cancer. It will then show an empty infusion room. An empty OR. An empty waiting room. Wouldn’t that be great!?! My wish was to be here to see my three boys grow up. When I was diagnosed one year ago, this was my wish. My hope. My prayer. It was scary to think they would grow up without me. But here I am, a year later…it’s a different me, but it’s me. Stronger. I’m ready to tackle another year. Let’s have some fun! 

Stay strong. Stay positive. ❤️💕❤️